Welcome to Bomb Shelter Recording Studios!

 Upstairs is our comfortable control room and three isolation booths, one of which easily fits a drum kit and bass player or guitar player.  We are also wired to one 400 sq. ft. (10' ceiling) room downstairs as well as a large 700 sq. ft. (18' ceiling) Showcase Room with tie lines to an adjoining 320 sq. ft. (18' ceiling) room!  Want a live performance with some friends recorded direct to CD or multitracked for later overdubs and a pro mix? EASY!!  Need recording services somewhere other than the studio? EASY!! Do you have tracks recorded at home or another facility and can't quite get a screamin mix? EASY!!  Check us out and get a CD sampler of studio recordings and rehearsal recordings.  We feature a host of pro gear for your music production enjoyment.  Pieces such as, Universal Audio's 6176 and LA 610, Avalon 737 tube preamps and compressors. Class A discrete preamps and EQ and the Universal Audio UAD-1e and UAD-2 Extreme Pak which has some amazing plug ins, Focusrite's Liquid Mix, Antares Autotune 5, and Rode tube Microphones.


Our main goal is to provide a comfortable, creative, and professional environment for those who choose to record with us here at Bomb Shelter Recording Studios.  We have a staff of engineer/operators who are proficient at what they do, to save you time in the studio.  We also provide quality professional audio gear that can handle any project you dream up, from simple to complex.  Please feel free to browse our equipment list and let us know if you have any questions.
Main Console: 
Trident Series 75, 28 channel by 24 monitor analog console.  This is an older English console, known for its rich, warm sound.

Additional Pre-Amps:
2 Trident Series 80, Discreet Class A Mic Pre's with EQ

1 Universal Audio 6176 Classic Tube Mic Pre and Compressor
1 Universal Audio LA-610
1 Avalon 737
1 Summit MPC-100A
all the above are tube mic preamps

Digital Audio Workstation:
To view detials about this gear,
please scroll down the page.
Mac Pro Computer 3.7 gHz processing (quad core)
(2) 22" Viewsonic HD Widescreens, Multimedia LCDs
Universal Audio Digital 2 Satellite
Antares Autotune 8
Waves Tune 
Melodyne Studio 
Hearback custom headphone monitoring

Other Digital Recorders:
Alesis HD24, 24 tracks digital audio

2, Rode K2 Tube Mics
1, Rode NT4 Stereo Mic
1, MXL Revelation (large diaphragm tube)
1, MXL Genesis (large diaphragm tube)
1, MXL Ribbon mic
1, MXL DX-2 (dual capsule guitar mic)
1, AKG 414 TLII
4, AKG 451
2, AKG 452
1, AKG D112
1, Audio Technica 4031
1, Sennheiser 421
1, Sennheiser e308
3, Audix D2
1, Audix D6
1, Shure Beta 52
2, Shure SM81
5, Shure SM57

Additional microphones may be available, please ask us if there is a particular one you'd like.

Custom Set of Backyard Drums, 4 pieces all 8 ply maple.
Custom Blue Sparkle Paint job.
Toms...10", 12", 16"
 Kick...22"x 20"

Recording snares by Pearl (floating head 61/2" x 14") and Ludwig

MONITORS - JBL 4206 with a 10" sub.