About Us

Our focus here at Bomb Shelter Recording Studios is to provide exceptional quality and outstanding customer service to those who choose to record with us.  We have worked with a wide variety of musicians and projects over the years, from local bands, classical artists, orchestras and choirs, acoustic music, big band swing, a bag pipe group, children's vocal groups, acapella groups, corporate clients, radio shows, touring artists, and more! James Trace, Owner and Engineer/Producer of Bomb Shelter Recording has extensive experience as a touring musician and has worked with musicians of all kinds over the years. Being able to work with such a diverse client base keeps us on our toes and excited about the projects. 

As owner and Chief Engineer/Producer James Trace is also a skilled musician himself, making him even more valuable when working with musicians here at the studios.  He plays piano/keyboards, rhythm guitar, and sings.  Being a musician gives him an edge that can really make a project shine. James can assist you in pre-production and production of your "sound". Pre-production is a very important but often overlooked part of the recording process. James will sit in your rehearsal and listen to the songs you want to record. He can help the band with groove, arrangement and help work out any kinks that will make a song stronger and possibly a hit! We have many happy clients and look forward to many many more!