Introducing our new DIY PODCAST STUDIO!

Don't have your own studio space, or the right gear? Let us help you take your podcast from your bedroom to a professional studio setting. We have a comfortable professional studio space with an attached waiting room, ready for you to make Podcast MAGIC. Host guests, have live music, add callers, is all incredibly easy with our DIY Podcast set up.  When booking your first visit with us, it will include time to go over the gear you will be using with our house engineer who will make sure you are all set and ready to record.  Your first session will be a 2 hour minimum, that includes the time with our house engineer.  Any future sessions may be a single hour or more and do not need to have our house engineer set them up. You will need to bring your own computer to record to, or an external hard drive. USB-C out of the Rodecaster Pro.  

First Time Special for DIY Podcasting: $50 for 2 hours

This includes our house engineer to help you get familiar with the gear set up and get you off and running for your session. You will only need to meet with our house engineer the first time you book with us.  When booking your first session, this will be paid up front in advance of your session.  48 hour cancellation policy, and Credit Card is required.

Regular Rate for DIY Podcasting: $30 per hour

May book single hours after your first session.



DIY Podcast Studio Gear List:

2 SM7B Shure Microphones

2 Cloudlifter Mic Pre-Amps

2 Weighted Desktop Mic Stands

Yamaha HS5 Powered Monitors

1 Rodecaster Pro Mixer

4 Pairs of Headphones

1 Studio Desk

2 Office Chairs

1 Tall Stool

All necessary cables


We are ready for you to book time!!  Please call our main phone number, and press 2 when you hear the greeting.  This connects you directly to the recording studio.  We can answer any questions you have, and get you all set for your upcoming session. 714-240-7345