Studio Pricing

Studio rate: 
Our basic hourly rate can range from $50-$65 per hour.  We do consider any budget restrictions on an individual basis, and can customize a package specifically for your project.  The more details you can give us about your project the better we can assist you with a quote. 

Location recording:
$125./ hour.  We bring everything nessessary for a quality recording to your location/event. We can then bring the recorded audio back to our studio to edit and mix it.  Once your project is back here at the studio, our regular studio rates apply.  Please give us as much detail about your location project so that we can serve you best.  We have recorded at the beach for the Newport 100th Anniversary Pier Festival to a 1200 seat theater with orchestra and 70 person choir and nearly everything in between!  2 hour minimum.

1.  Studio time will be charged by the hour. The pricing will be agreed upon before the start of the project.
2.  Master tapes, CDs, DVDs or Hard Drives will not leave the studio until the bill has been paid in full. 

3.  Studio time may be sold with or with out an engineer. In the case of the client bringing in their own engineer, the guest engineer must pre-qualify with someone  from Bomb Shelter Recording Studios. An assistant engineer will be provided if necessary. 

Rates & Pricing Information, Basic info:
All new clients will be required to pay a deposit for the studio time. The amount of the deposit may vary. We have a minimum of two hours in order to book time with us. We also have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel with 48 hours or more, your deposit will be credited and can still apply to the re-scheduled session.

1.  Client will provide their own media. This will be in the form of an external hard drive (prefered) or DVD (ask for specifications)
2.  If requested by the client, the studio will save active projects on a house drive as a safety back-up. Usually the session is backed up for 90 days, after that period has ended, the project may be erased from the house drive in order to free up more space for other clients.


Recording in the Showcase Room

The Showcase Room:
Our Showcase Room here is one amazing sounding room, both for rehearsing and especially recording!  It is a comfortable room with a cool vibe and a stage, lights as well as a large P.A. system that includes main speakers that are flown, side fills, main monitors, a drum monitor as well as two subwoofer (w/18" speakers) cabinets.  All that aside, we have a 24 channel audio snake that runs from the Showcase Room up into our recording studio to capture the musical masterpieces played in the space.  This room is within everyone's budget, come try it out!

Rehearsal Recording in The Showcase Room..........$250.00
This is a three hour block (3 hrs.) of time that includes the room, the engineer, and a cd master.  This does not include the rental of any gear, drums or amps if needed.  We do have gear available, just ask.

Rehearsal Recording plus Multitrack Recording in The Showcase Room.........$295.00

This is also a three (3 hr.) hour block of time that includes the time, the room, the engineer, and a master CD.  In addition to the CD your project will be multitracked and recorded to a hard drive.  You may bring your own drive, then take it and finish it at home, or are welcome to book additional sessions to overdub or mix the multitracked project here at our studio.  Additional time is billed at $65 per hour for this room.  This scenario gives added flexibility to your project, allowing you to change or add to your music at any time.  

Multitrack Recording in The Showcase Room........$75 per hour
This is the base rate for recording in this room.  We can always customize a budget for your project and will consider those with varying needs and budgets.

Extra Bonus:
The Showcase Room is also tied in to the room next to it, Room 5. We use this room to separate guitars or a B3 player with a loud Leslie speaker so the tracks are really isolated from one another. This allows a band to track ALL AT ONCE as a band instead of constant overdubs for bass, guitars and wahtever else needs recording. This save a great deal of time! If there is a vocalist who doesn't also play an instrument during tracking, they can lay the vocals down at the same time too. Also a BIG TIME SAVER, a well rehearsed band can lay down a whole CD of isolated multitrackd songs in a day! There is a 2 paine window between these two rooms so the band has great visual contact as well. We are truely unique in the design of our studio. This room gives you an extra 320 sq. ft. of space.  Our Room 5 is available as an add on if you are already booking The Showcase Room.
It is an additional......
$10.00 per hour

**If you need to rent any of our gear (drums, bass amps, guitar amps) for your recording sessions here at Bomb Shelter, please let us know so we can add that to your booking and reserve those items for you."**