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We offer quality recordings with experienced engineers who care about your project and are here for you from start to finish.  We believe that you should be completely satisfied with your product as well as your experience when you record with us.

Our Services Include:
Production---------Voice Overs
Studio Design & Consulting
Location Recording
Located in Westminster, CA     
Call to book: 714-609-3501


           Record in a large tracking room with 18' tall ceilings. Live recording available in our large showcase room. We have the latest version of Pro Tools (12.8) using Apogee Symphony converters for the cleanest recorded tracks you can get! Effects by Waves, Universal Audio, Isotope and Slate Digital. Large assortment of pics- dynamic, condenser, ribbon and tube mics going through Trident Class A preamps. Other preamps available- Universal audio, Summit and Avalon. (all tube preamps)! We work efficiently with a purpose, to get your music recorded and mixed/ mastered the way YOU want it! We look forward to working with you.
Thank You!
Bomb Shelter Recording Staff.


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